Monday, July 13, 2009

♥Life Suck♥

Sometimes i fight to change myself,but ultimately this has little effect.
I can change what i do,but i cannot change who i am.
In life,i always have to make choices,but sometimes what i had chosen
may not be correct.
I've always hate my life,ever since i was a little kid.Very low confidence all da way up through high school,right now im 20 years old,i have confidence but it fluctuates=( ..Anyways i just clueless about life.I see no future,i have no idea what i want to be or how im gonna do it.I thought i knew what i wanted to be..but im having doubts.i want to live life,do crazy thing like any normal person,i just dunno
what to do,i suck at life,and i have no one..

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